#14 Answer - By setting the snooze time to 9 minutes, the alarm clock only needs to watch the last digit of the time. So, if you hit snooze at 6.45, the alarm goes off again when the last digit equals 4. They couldn't make it 10 minutes, otherwise the alarm would go off right away, or it would take more circuitry.

#15 Answer - These 5 Facts Will Change You Forever:

1. 84% of recipients of promotional items can identify the advertiser.  No other advertising medium provides anywhere close to the name recognition associated with advertising specialties.

2. 42% of recipients of promotional items have a more favorable impression of the advertiser.  Well of course they do!  You just gave them something practical that they'll use for a long time to come... for FREE.

3. 62% of recipients of promotional items did business with the advertiser after receiving an item.  Who can name the last time an ad in a newspaper brought 62% of the readers to their doorstep?

4. The average promotional item is kept for 7 months.  That's a lot of face time with your message, logo, and brand.

5. The average cost per impression (the number of times that a prospect will view your ad) is just $0.004 for promotional items.  Compared with newspapers ($.019) and magazines ($.033), your cost savings are significant.  That's a savings of $150.00 (newspaper), and $293.00 (magazine) for every 10,000 impressions, with better proven results.



​Promotional products can provide long-term advertising exposure. Learning how to develop a good promotional product strategy can build a business' brand and save marketing dollars by... 

How To Develop a Good Promotional Products Strategy